Portenzo Black Paisley Ultraslate Book Case For iPad Air 2 Review

I’ve had an iPad 4 for a while now, but I always felt like it was just a bit heavy. I usually have it whenever I meet the client; so it often seems redundant to lug around with the heavy iPad. So I bought an iPad Air 2.

When it comes to sturdy iPad case, I have always thought of this one company called Portenzo, where they make book case like for iPad. I still have their cases till now.

One day, I received an email from Portenzo where they had an improved iPad case called the Ultraslate Book Case. For this review, I’ve chosen the Black Paisley because of its fun print.

The case is very light, much lighter than their book cases I’ve had in the past.
You will notice a few things when you open the case.

First, the iPad turns on immediately. The case has a magnetic sleep switch, so it works nicely with the “auto on” feature of the iPad. The inside of the case is covered in bound linen cloth.

My favorite feature would be the multi-angle stand (they called is as IntelliStand). The entire case is bound like a book, which means you can fold the front cover back at the spine and it folds completely flat under the black frame. You can tip out the frame and set it up in landscape mode for reading or use beside a laptop. Lots of cases have similar functionality, but it’s really nice to have something that by all appearances looks like a book, yet manages to be so versatile.



Portenzo Black Paisley retails at $89.90 (without the add-on options) and while that may seem a bit high, in my opinion this is a far better case than Apple leather smart case. It’s well worth it.


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