Iwood 6S Plus Review

It’s been a while since I made the last product review. I have been busy with work and just came back from my holiday trip in Bali. Miniot iWood case has always been one of my favourite iPhone cases. The iWood 6s Plus is made out of a single block wood. The case is thin, delivers excellent […]

Alto Genuine Leather Case for iPhone 6S Plus

Are you still looking for the perfect iPhone 6s Plus case? Well, look no further — here are the alto leather cases, and they are gorgeous. I received Original Plus (both in red and black color). The cases are composed of a thin, protective shell that’s been wrapped with vegetable tanned leather imported from the Italy. They […]

Portenzo Black Paisley Ultraslate Book Case For iPad Air 2 Review

I’ve had an iPad 4 for a while now, but I always felt like it was just a bit heavy. I usually have it whenever I meet the client; so it often seems redundant to lug around with the heavy iPad. So I bought an iPad Air 2. When it comes to sturdy iPad case, […]