Iwood 6S Plus Review

It’s been a while since I made the last product review. I have been busy with work and just came back from my holiday trip in Bali.

Miniot iWood case has always been one of my favourite iPhone cases. The iWood 6s Plus is made out of a single block wood. The case is thin, delivers excellent protection, and it is very easy to remove or install. If you’re the type who are really careful in handling your iPhone, then this is a perfect case for you, or else you should opt for the Otterbox. To be frank, I’m not a fan of bulky iPhone cases.

I have been using this iWood for almost 10 months and the wood color has darken over time. The wood type that I chose previously was Cherry.

All buttons are recreated in wood. Every case is unique, so even if you order the same case, it won’t look exactly like mine.



This is an excellent wooden iPhone 6s Plus case.  The craftsmanship and style is top-notch.

The iWood 6s Plus is available on their website for 89 Euros (equal to USD 93).

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